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Eddie started his career as a sports photographer in 2002, photographing the Cleveland Browns. He had photos published in Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and USA Today. In 2004, he turned his attention to wedding photography, where he found his new love of photography.

When not shooting weddings Eddie loves to watch sports, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends! He also enjoys the “occasional” box of donuts with milk!

Eddie - Owner

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Brent started with Eagle Vision in 2014 as a second shooter. He quickly worked his way up to be a lead photographer. If you are lucky enough to have Brent as your photographer, you and your guests will have a BLAST!!!

The odd chance Brent isn't photographing a wedding you will find him anywhere near water or skiing down the slopes at the local ski resort. Or at the nearest coffee shop or Chipotle. Or chilling on the couch with his little girl and his wife Emily.


dog walking,

Michael has been with Eagle Vision for 3 years. I am not sure who likes him more, EV or the couples!!! If you had the privilege to have Michael help shoot your wedding, you know he will bend over backwards to help the bride and groom or anyone part of your big day. He will take the jacket off his back (literally) to make sure the bride is warm during those colder days.

You will find Michael walking his dog most likely when he's not photographing weddings


tech savy husband
who loves

Craig and Eddie met about 10 years ago while working a wedding together. Soon after that, Craig has been a huge part of Eagle Vision, helping with both photo and video.
If you're lucky enough to have Craig help with your big day, you will be sure to hear him talking about the love of his two puppies or his LOVE of Disney!!!!



Dan has been with Eagle Vision for the last two years. You will see him on the photo side and also behind the camera capturing your wedding video.

During the week you will probably see Dan with his wife or out photographing a beautiful landscape photo or wildlife.


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